Dream Catcher,  HBI North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, a Land Grant institution where students made the bricks, to build the building, in which to be educated, in order to launch their American Dream  - "To The Last Man"        A&T Image (s)


N.C. A&T State University’s College of Engineering was host for Lego League State Championship January 11-12, 2014


“The colored man [and women] is  [are] not always going to be the person who draws water and cuts wood; he is going to help with civilization. He is going to be up on all the difficult questions. He is going to study mathematics, sciences and the languages" said Commissioner of Education, William Torrey Harris  [ ]


Degrees with earning Power :  A&T 2nd in highest starting salaries for UNC graduates

North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University is Global
NC A&T is "well known in areas such as advanced materials, nanotechnology, computational science,  and says N.  Radhakrishnan, former  for research and economic development at N.C. A&T. The school also has significant strengths in other areas, including biotechnology, energy and the environment,  information sciences and technology, logistics and transportation  development.  All  these  endeavors are aligned in eight  research clusters that bring faculty together across disciplines to develop large research projects. 
These research clusters run in parallel with a number  of multidisciplinary centers and institutes   
at N.C. A&T, which develop partnerships  with private and corporate sponsors, educational institutions, and government agencies.  [2]

NC A&T's 2001 amend University Master Plan called for developing 75 acres  of land along East Lee Street targeted to develop new opportunities for both research and education in both the private and academic arenas between the University's technology and agricultural research.
In 2003-04, with the backbone of North Carolina's industrial economy Tobacco, Textiles, and Furniture in recession and appropriations for UNC-System taking an ever increasing multi-billion dollar bite out of state's coffers, North Carolina's Legislature thru House Bill 1264 (HB 1264) direct UNC-BOG to contract a private consulting firm that had experience in higher education to conduct a comprehensive study (HB 1264 Study) of the mission and educational program needs to ensure that the State's citizens are academically prepared and equipped for current job opportunities and jobs of the future in North Carolina's growing knowledge economy. HB 1264 Study was designed to provide information and recommendations that would assist the General Assembly in setting priorities for funding to address the strategic higher education needs of the State. Staying a step ahead stated North Carolina A&T State University is well positioned to grow programs in some of the areas identified as emerging industries, citing Objective 2.2: Increase access to University intellectual property and resources (faculty, students, research. Create market-oriented university research clusters to better communicate research programs. [3]

Identified Emerging Markets [4]

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Advanced Materials, including Chemicals, Plastics and Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology and Pharmacology
  • Computing, Software and the Internet
  • Design and Arts
  • Logistics and Distribution

Research clusters created by NC A&T are the following   [4]

  • Public Health
  • Biotechnology, Bio & Food Sciences
  • Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology
  • Computational Science & Engineering
  • Leadership & Community Development
  • Information Sciences & Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Energy & Environment]
 NC A&T's 2001 amend University Master Plan called for developing 75 acres of land along East Lee Street targeted to develop new opportunities for both research and education in both the private and academic arenas between the University's technology and agricultural research.  N.C. A&T and the U.S. Department  of Agriculture’s Natural Resources  Conservation Service form partnership resulting in NRCS relocating one of three  national technology centers and a remote sensing lab to Greensboro.  On September 20, 2004 the university celebrated the sighing of a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) with the opening of the National Resources Conservation Services Eastern Regional Technology Center, which includes a National Sensing Lab. This was a significant event for A&T and the city because the Greensboro Center is one of only three such center in America-the other two are located in Portland, OR and Fort Worth, TX.  [A&T Photo].   A&T publications A&T Today  Fall 2004  didn't carry an article about the signing of a  Memorandum of Understanding  with the USDA but  carry an article that says NC A&T and UNCG are creating a Joint Millennial Campus.
N.C. A&T Awarded NSF Engineering Research Center by Shena Crittendon
North Carolina A&T State University has been awarded a grant for an Engineering Research Center (ERC) from the National Science Foundation.
A&Ts ERC will be led by Dr. Jagannathan Sankar, professor of engineering. Dr. William Wagner from the University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Mark Schulz from the University of Cincinnati will serve as co-directors. Dr. Devdas Pai, professor of engineering at A&T, will lead educational aspects of the ERC. NC A&T will also
start a new department of bioengineering in conjunction with this ERC. The department will offer BS, Masters and PhD degrees .
  • Engineering Research Center grants represent major investments by NSF in partnership with industry to transform engineering research and education.
  • The centers aim to produce innovative technologies and engineering graduates to significantly enhance the competitiveness of the U.S. economy.
  • The NSF ERC for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials at A&T will conduct research in the areas of biomedical engineering and nano-bio applications and is in partnership with the Universities of Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.
  • It also has a global technical partner in Germany’s Hannover School of Medicine and a global cultural and outreach partner in the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India.
  • The ERC has partnerships with pre-college institutions in North Carolina to involve teachers and students in engineering
  • it has partnerships with a broad range of North Carolina organizations devoted to entrepreneurship and small business development.
  • More than eight companies will be associated with the ERC to provide input for the direction of research as well as a conduit to transfer the technology to the real world.
The School of Technology will host informal tech sessions designed to have one-on-one interaction with prospective students interested in learning more about “Degrees with Earning Power” (applied engineering technology, construction management, electronics technology, environmental health and safety, geometrics, graphic communication systems and motor sports technology).
Under the Banner Finding Your Path to Success, North Carolina A&T Office of Career Services held their 36th Career Awareness Fair 2010 at the Corbett Sports Center Wednesday Sept. 15, 2010 where 400 plus representatives of potential employers the likes of Johns
Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, the National Security Agency, Procter & Gamble, and Siemens Company, etc were on hand introducing their companies, explaining their products, and setup interviews for internships and potential employment.
The U.S. State Department reports that last year, President Obama and Brazilian President Rousseff, “set complementary goals for  international education.   A&T  will receive three students beginning spring semester who will be studying industrial engineering. The program is part of  the Brazilian government’s initiative to send 100,000 undergraduate Brazilian students to study STEM disciplines for two semesters at U.S. universities  beginning in spring 2012.  Students will return to their home universities in Brazil to complete their degrees.
A&T in top 5 highest starting salaries for graduates of all N.C. Universities
In the 2013 Triangle Business Journal ranking, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is featured at No. 4 overall in the highest starting salaries for graduates of all North Carolina universities. The Triangle Business Journal compared 30 of the states universities to rank each institution’s return on investment. The average starting salary for North Carolina A&T State University graduates is listed at $44,600. The top five universities with the highest starting salaries are Duke University, N.C. State University, Wake Forest University, North Carolina A&T University and UNC-Charlotte. The Triangle Business Journal is a multimedia business news platform and provides local business news for the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area. [ http://www.ncat.edu/news/2013/07/ncat-top5.html]
Thanks to the CREATOR working thru the Federal Government  Since 2005 A&T has been third in research funding in the  UNC System.