Notwithstanding NCA&T University Master Plan called for designating a university Millennial Campus.  UNC-G state Senator Kay Hagan according to the media  push through Transfer of Land for the Millennium Campuses of UNC-Greensboro and NC A&T State University reallocated the former school of the Central School  for the  Deaf  property to UNC Board of Governors to establish millennial campuses for NC A&T and UNC-Greensboro.
Assessment indicated NCA&T/UNCG Millennial Campus. UNC-G Board of Trustee's Joint Millennial Campus Resolution pertained only to the Central North Carolina School for the Deaf transferred to the UNC Board of Governors, specifically for the purpose of establishing a  Joint Millennial Campus, without a syllable per to NC A&T Farmland. UNCW and WCU Millennial Campus Expansion requests pertain to expansion of existing Millennial Campuses. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Request for Millennial Campus Designation. All taken together contradict  UNC-G Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.  "Two other campus areas ... designated Millennial Campus.  One on the Southside and one on the Northside Greensboro. One on the Southside with A&T and on the North side our own."  Video